The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, NC (SECCA) Art*o*mat machine. I created the entire white backplate for this machine from my medium...the polystyrene (Styrofoam) cup.


Are you artless in Manhattan?     

Then head on over to the Whitney Museum of American Art for a piece of Styrogami
    ...or to the Flying M Coffee House in Boise, Idaho
    ...the Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs, Chicago
    ...Charlottesville, Virginia - The Gravity Lounge
    ...Costa Mesa, California - The LAB Anti-Mall
    ...Orlando, Florida - Sam Flax
    ...Newport, Rhode Island - The "Project One" machine
    ...Northampton, Massachusetts - Faces
    ...Lexington, Kentucky - The Victorian Mall
    ...Charlseston, South Carolina - The Halsey Museum
    ...Winston~Salem, North Carolina - Borders
    ...Providence, Rhode Island - Oop!
    ...NYC, New York - The "Studio 360" machine

   The Whitney is one of the World's Greatest Art Museums and an excellent source for Styrogami and works by other artists. How can this be, you ask? Well, The Whitney has an Art*o*mat. What's an Art*o*mat? An Art*o*mat is a cigarette machine that has been painstakingly refurbished and modified to dispense art on a cigarette pack size block or in a cigarette pack size box. It is the brainchild and art project extrodinaire of one Clark Whittington of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who constantly reminds us, "Don't go around artless!" Currently there are about 60 active machines in museums and various locations throughout the country. The art that is stocked in these machines is supplied by over 300 artists in 10 countries.

   The pieces I create for the Art*o*mat project are all unique pieces, signed and titled. The only difference is that I create 5 or 6 pieces from one polystyrene cup instead of using the whole cup to create one piece.

   So, if you find yourself artless in Manhattan and have an extra five bucks or so in your pocket head on over to the Whitney for a rewarding art experience.

The Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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